These Brutally Honest Posters Show Addiction to Technology

These illustrations by Ph.D. student Ajit Johnson tell a story.

He says: "It was one of those unproductive days when I realised that I look at my phone or open web pages far too long than needed, which inspired me to take up a challenge of not using my phone for a day. It was extremely difficult, but very soon I realised, how much more productive I can get and how much time I had which I thought never existed.

#This_Generation is a set of minimal posters that I designed to emphasise the need to acknowledge the invasion of tech addiction without even being aware of it. Use of technology is of course fun and extremely useful but blinding oneself of the dark side (cyber bullying, privacy etc…) can be equally dangerous. Also, spending much time plugged in affects our relationships in a huge way, studies say.

Anyway, being guilty of many of these posters myself, I hope this series gets the message across in a hilarious manner. Now let me go Snapchat a selfie."

Find more info on his Facebook page.

See the full gallery of images here.