The 'Ermahgerd' Meme Girl Has Been Found - Here's What She Looks Like Now

One day Maggie Goldenberger logged into Facebook and discovered she was a meme.

In 2012, when she was 23-year-old, Maggie was travelling across India and the Philippines with her girlfriend. Once a week they'd pop into an internet cafe to keep in touch with family and friends. One day, however, she had a message from one of her friends saying she'd seen a picture on Facebook of Maggie when she was 11-years-old holding some Goosebumps books with the caption: 'Gersberms. Mah Fravrit Berks.'

Recently, Vanity Fair caught up with Maggie, who is now a nurse, to ask her how she felt about the whole thing and she really doesn't mind. In fact, she feels that everyone was laughing with her and not at her. Although the whole thing still baffles her sometimes.

My eyes just get wide and I say, out loud:

"This is so f*****g weird. I just can't believe this is my 15 minutes of fame - I was hoping it would come in another form. But I guess you have to take what you can get."