Photos - What Humans of The Future Will Look Like

An academic has predicted climate change could see the human race develop webbed hands and grow gills in order to thrive underwater.
Dr Matthew Skinner, who is an expert in the field of human evolution, believes a future Earth swamped by rising sea levels will result in us becoming a fish-like species.

In an Ice Age, human faces would swell to warm up cold air when we breathe in through our noses.

It's predicted that our technology will become less important than the need to hunt and scavenge for food, so bigger, stronger and hairier humans will evolve as a result.

If humanity ends up exploring other planets, Dr Skinner believes that we would evolve opposable big toes and longer arms, allowing us to grip the ground in weightless environments.

He said: “No matter what future scenario we find ourselves in, be it a ‘water world’, ice age or indeed that of colonising another planet, the human race will strive to avoid extinction — ultimately, it’s a fight for survival.”

Pictures: Syfy Channel Europe