PHOTOS: Prime Minister's Son Max Key Shows Off Ripped Bod in Raunchy Photoshoot

Key has previously only given interviews during radio appearances, but has decided now is "an appropriate time" for him to speak on what it's like growing up as John Key's son, the myths he wants to dispel, and to finally answer the question: "What do you actually do?".

The answer? He's a fourth year property and commerce student, with a love of investment banking and property funds.

Speaking to Remix's Steven Fernandez, the 21-year-old also talks about his radio spot Keyed In and his debut single Forget You, as well as revealing new music is on the way - though there are no solid plans for either an EP or album.

He also adds that the day his father posted to social media about Forget You was a huge moment, as it was the "first time ever" he'd made a personal post.

"That was the moment I kind of realised that I'd done something pretty cool," he said.

Key also opens up about the downsides of being the Prime Minister's son, one of which being "the media painted me as this rich snob".

"I can't say our family doesn't have wealth, because that would be wrong to say. But both my parents were raised in a state house, and I worked at McDonald's for four years to earn pocket money," he says.

"I'm not saying I know how hard life can be compared to other people, but I'm more grounded than people think."

 The main takeaway he hopes people get from the interview is "know me before you judge me".

"I'm just like other young guys."

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All photos used with permission from Remix Magazine