People Are Going Nuts For "Freakshow" Milkshakes

Pâtissez is a small, new cafe in Canberra and it looks like dessert heaven. 

Their too-good-to-be-true milkshakes are called The Freakshow and they are very quickly charming the hungry eyes of sugar-lovers.

The Pâtissez Facebook page already has over 15,000 likes and many shining reviews.

Anna Petridis and mum Gina, who appeared on My Kitchen Rules, are co-owners of the eclectic eatery, and they very aptly wrote that “the words ‘Canberra’ & ‘boring’ will never be used in the same sentence ever again.”

There are currently four different flavours — Salty Nutz, Muddy Pat, French Vanilla and Nutella & Salty Pretzel — with promises of more to come soon.