Men Are Flocking to a McDonald's In Taiwan to Ogle a Female Employee

An employee at a McDonald's in Taiwan has recently become the object of the Internet's increasingly creepy affection, thanks to some candid photos.

The female cashier, Wei Han Xu, or Weiwei, possesses a distinctively doll-like appearance. Her unique face prompted customer and blogger RainDog to take photos of her and post them to his blog. 

Now she's being referred to as "McDonalds Goddess"

While the cashier has appeared on several game shows as a result of her newfound "fame," her manager isn't exactly thrilled.

According to an excerpt from Rocket News:

"[Weiwei's] manager isn’t too happy about the buzz because many of these fans tend to crowd at the counter trying to talk to or snap photos of her, and if she’s not on duty they end up leaving without making a purchase."