Man Trolls Scammer By Offering Marriage and Money In Series of Fake Messages

When British man James Stanley was approached by someone who was an apparent scammer, he decided to have some fun. 

The person claimed to be a woman from the Philippines and needing money for a 'new phone'.

He sent a tongue-in-cheek response but the person on the other end didn't seem to get it so he decided to continue on his quest to wind the person up. 

Mr Stanley, 25, was first contacted by the woman last Wednesday. He said he frequently receives messages from people in the Philippines because he previously spent time there while in the Merchant Navy.

The demolition worker said: 'When the message came through I had the day off work and thought I would see how far I could take it, for a laugh.

'She kept coming back. She must think I am a complete gullible idiot, or she is just not very good at this scamming game.

He joked: 'Now it seems I'm engaged, soon to be married! 'My mum is really pleased for me - she's already picking out a dress and hat. But my brother is disappointed, he has lost his wing man.'