Man Receives Touching Apology From Bully 20 Years After Leaving School

ChadMichael Morrisette, 34, a brand consultant and visual designer in West Hollywood has received an apology from a former bully who reached out to him via Facebook.

'The entire football team bullied me,' he told Yahoo Parenting. 'It wasn't one guy, it was six or seven guys who would follow me in the hallways, harassing me, insulting me, threatening my life.'

Morrisette, who grew up Mormon, left home at 15 and graduated high school early, getting a temporary job as a stockroom assistant at Nordstrom in San Diego.

He didn't think much of the bullying until he received the message.

Morrisette said that he didn't specifically remember Amundson, but that was likely because 'there were so many bullies it was hard to name them all'.

'I was bullied for being gay. I was bullied for being little. I was bullied for every reason someone is bullied. It was awful. I couldn't even walk to classes without an adult escort or friends with me,' he said.
Morrisette said that he found Amundson's message 'so moving' and that he 'cried a little bit' after reading through the note.

'It unlocked something in me I didn't realize I'd been holding on to,' he told Yahoo.