Kiwis Think Auckland's Snapchat Story Was BORING

Auckland's own Snapchat story is causing a stir online where it's been dismissed as "boring" and "cringe". When it was featured, there was the initial excitement which soon turned into embarrassment from locals it seems.

Auckland was featured on the story yesterday which can still be viewed today with Aucklanders submitting their snaps to Snapchat.

The Skytower makes an appearance multiple times along with trees, bushes, Rangitoto and Marmite.

Even Auckland's deputy mayor Penny Hulse makes an appearance.

Overall, the reaction seems to be that New Zealanders hate it, but those overseas love it and want to visit as a result.

"i just watched the auckland snapchat and MAN I WANNA GO TO NEW ZEALAND/AUSTRALIA SO BAD OH MY GOD," said @RlANTIMELOW.

"Got to listen to the Auckland snapchat story with sound because the accents are just way too nice", said @MickelobeSmall


Source: NZ Herald