Here’s What Celebrities’ Lawns Look Like During California’s Drought

As these aerial photos from The Post prove, Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Lopez continue to suck up water to keep their gardens fresh and lawns green, while Southern California withers from a devastating drought.

Experts predict California reservoirs have less than a year’s worth of drinking water left. An emergency law passed last week forces local cities to conserve water immediately. The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, which supplies many of these elite enclaves north of Los Angeles, will have four weeks starting next month to cut water use by a staggering 36 percent. But the maximum fine is $100...nothing to these celebs.

The Hidden Hills estate of Kim Kardashian/Kanye West is so lush, even their wealthy neighbors are outraged.

“The Kardashian flowers and hedges are right in our face,” one resident told The Post. “It’s disgusting. You walk by and you can smell the freshness.”

A spokesman for Barbra Streisand said: “She has cut down her water usage by over 50 percent in the last several months and she is going to take further steps to conserve water.” When pressed about The Post’s photographic proof of Streisand’s pampered lawn, he refused further comment.