Dress-Wearing Therapy Tortoise Helps Patients Forget Their Troubles

Lisa Chicarella adopted a 19kg African spur tortoise and had no idea her pet was destined for a special career.

Her tortoise was even shy and wouldn't come out of her shell for two weeks!

After 8 years in her home, Wasabi the tortoise is energetic and friendly and loves being the center of attention! And that's why she's a therapy pet.

Wasabi spends her days at nursing homes and schools. She's also a frequent visitor at the Ronald McDonald House. She helps people with their troubles and gives them something to smile about. She has some interesting fashion choices! During Wasabi's first winter as a therapy tortoise, Chicarella wrapped her in heat packs and stuck them on with a diaper. This wasn't the best look for Wasabi, so her owner decided to have a dress custom-made for her shell. This outfit was an instant hit with the tortoise's patients, causing dresses to become her year-round wardrobe staple.

SO CUTE, haha!