Creator of the "Normal Barbie" Has Made a "Normal Ken" Too

Earlier this year our favourite childhood toy, Barbie, announced a new line of dolls that have realistic body types and shapes.

But before Barbie got on board the body-image trend, there was Lammily, a doll released in 2014 that looked normal. Lammily came with realistic proportions, and she could even be customized with acne and cellulite. Now, Lammily is taking the same approach when it comes to boys.

The Artist and researcher behind the Lammily dolls, Nickolay Lamm, used the proportions of an average 19-year-old man for the dolls.

It's about time that the Ken doll gets the body image makeover, because Ken's current measurements line up with about 1 in 50 Australian men.

To buy a Boy Lammily, you can back its fundraising campaign on Tilt.