Natalia Kills and Willy Moon Have Emerged From The Ashes

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Thursday, 25 February 2016, 3:14PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Technically she's no longer Natalia Kills - the singer now answers to Teddy Sinclair and has just released new music with husband Willy Moon.

The duo join forces in a band called Cruel Youth, who debuted their new single Mr. Watson this week.

"Cruel Youth is the musical love child created during a 3-month lock-in at my studio with my husband Willy Moon,"

"For a brief moment in 2015 I felt like it was the death of me, but somehow the part that survived was a pure uncensored passion that quickly became the ace in my hand."

Sinclair and her husband Moon have been keeping a low profile since being booted off the reality TV show for ripping shreds off Southland contestant Joe Irvine.

During a harsh commentary she accused the contestant of copying her husband, calling him a "laughing stock" among other insults.

New Zealanders immediately responded, with backlash against the bulling tactics forcing the couple to retreat.

In her recent letter to fans, Sinclair described how 2015 "felt like it was the death of me".

Breaking her silence on the " truly regrettable situation" she described how flying back to New York was the catalyst for fresh projects.

"While evolving my solo project into my new band I was approached to be a personality on X Factor New Zealand, which lead to a publicity stunt resulting in a viral media storm.

"I was subjected to a global witch hunt I couldn't defend myself against due to a wide-reaching legal gagging order. It was a truly regrettable situation for everyone involved."

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