Happy Birthday! 23 times Harry Styles was a f**king BABE

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017, 9:59AM

On February 1st 1994, the world changed forever. Harry Edward Styles entered the world. 

And the world hasn't been the same since. In honour of our boy turning 23, we're sharing our favourite moments with you. 

1. When he met the wax version of himself and looked great doing so

Seriously 😂😍 #harrystyles #happybirthdayharry 10/10

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3. Harry striking a pose


4. When this happened and we are dying 'cause of his smile

5. This man bun that makes us be like 'um have our babies plz'


6. When Harry also realised his cheeks are perfect


7. When his buttcheeks had magical light powers

Photo: Facebook

8. When he spent most of the VMAs opening an orange behind Rihanna

harry styles

9. Any time he's ever twerked. Eg:


10. When he rocked the shit out of a flower crown

flower crown 

11. When him and Zach Braff had a romantic date together

Photo: Twitter

12. Any time he's done physical fitness (bonus if he has his shirt off...)


13. When he suffered a terrible (read: amazing) down trou

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14. When he got hit in the nuts with a bottle. Poor Harry...we're sure he's laughing about it now...

15. When he ran his fingers through his gorgeous curls


16. When he flawlessly dressed as Miley Cyrus

Photo: Instagram 

17. When he tried to wave with one hand and sing with the other and it just didn't quite turn out that way, lol

18. When he tried to look like a gangsta Santa...

19. When he gave the most delicate kiss ever on TV


20. When he was a gorgeous princess

21. When...okay we just have no words for this photo

22. When child-Harry ROCKED a bra

23. When Harry just continued to bless us all with his presence

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