Day 4: A smorgasbord of c*ck, sensual showers, and a blood ritual

Publish Date
Wednesday, 10 May 2023, 4:03AM

Content warning:  R18, Language and Sexual Material May Offend.

Day four delves into the masculine and feminine. Morgan is delighted with a smorgasbord of cocks and gets to find her own big dick energy.   

Things get steamy and very wet as the intimate details of a shower with Mr Whippy are revealed. 

The afternoon activities take a hilarious turn when Morgan takes part in a blood ritual, but she can't find the respect that is required for the exercise.   

Morgan and Hayley discuss the logistics of having sex in the shower for the next home play assignment. 

Morgan Insta: @morganthesexologist
Hayley Insta: @hayleysproull
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