How Kita and Anita's week has been like a tuber of a gourd

Publish Date
Friday, 25 March 2022, 3:25PM

Welcome to Kita and Anita's HAPPY HOUR!

Kita and Anita's Happy Hour sees Drag Race Down Under stars and NZ nightlife legends Kita Mean and Anita Wigl'it reunite!

Kita and Anita are still on opposite sides of the Tasman Sea - but travels just got a little easier, with NZ announcing plans to reopen the border! Kita and Anita dig into what's happening with the Covid response and where they want to go on holiday - and what antics Kita is getting up to in Australia.

Plus, they dissect the latest controversy to engulf Disney and how it has shone a spotlight on policies targeting LGBT community in America. They also help one listener with a drag-related excuse, and look into the disappointment of some Kiwis who thought they had a record-breaking potato on their hands.

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