Tarn PK – Caught In The Wake

Publish Date
Thursday, 16 August 2018, 3:55PM

Emerging songwriter, musician and producer from Christchurch New Zealand, 17-year-old Tarn PK (Puentener-King) wants to make tunes that will leave you humming all day long, and this new track is sure to do so.

Inspired by the likes of Pharrell Williams, John Mayer, and Frank Ocean, Tarn aims to blend musical genres such as RnB, funk, hip-hop, with electronic production flair to create something that is both accessible and musically interesting.

Caught in the Wake is a pop/funk workout co-written with Nick France, who contributes saxophone and Ollie Carter, who plays trumpet.

Tarn is working towards the release of a five-track EP later in 2018, as well as several other projects for the future. He is kept busy by his commitment to various bands in Christchurch, production work for a Vocal School and constantly working on developing his craft.

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