SACHI/Cxloe - Love Me Now

Publish Date
Monday, 19 August 2019, 12:29PM

Kiwi faves SACHI are back on Local's Only this week following the release of their brand new EP, 'Nights with Ruby'.

The follow-up single on the 'Nights with Ruby' EP, “Love Me Now,” features rising Australian star CXLOE, slick drums, and a neon, danceable groove with an angelically warbled hook that’s “really heart-on-your-sleeve,” Will says.

“Ever since we started making music, we wanted to create moments to share with friends,” the duo comments on the making of Nights with Ruby EP, “We want to give everyone an uplifting and euphoric experience. The EP paints this picture of different energies coming together as a whole. We want people to connect and have fun with us.”

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