Maya Payne – Fragile (MCHNCL Remix)

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 November 2014, 11:14AM

Maya Payne is a new young 17 year old artist from New Zealand who has a distinct and uniquely current sound that has some great potential to cause some major waves in the Music World.

She has the backing of “NZ on Air” who have identified Maya as having significant potential to become a breakthrough artist. Maya has received two recording and video grants in July and August of this year and her track Fragile is on the Kiwi Hit Disc, August, and it’s remix by MCHNCL is on Octobers Hit Disk.

Maya plays guitar and piano and has a strong performance ability to accompany her music.

She released her own independent single in January of this year, “Fragile” which has had a really positive response from Media and radio both in New Zealand and offshore. She recently shot a music video to accompany this first release.

Listen to the remix below: 

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