Locals Only - Robinson 'Teenage Renegade'

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 August 2022, 2:54PM

NZ-born, London-based artist Robinson ushers in an exciting new musical chapter with latest single ‘Teenage Renegade’



Listening to Robinson’s reflective new single ‘Teenage Renegade’, unleashes similarly vivid nostalgic reminiscences. During the chorus of her brand-new single – an irresistibly catchy slice of wistful pop brilliance – Robinson laments the loss of her inner-rebel: “I was a teenage renegade/ How’d I end up so afraid?


Kicking off with a cruisy, pulsing beat, ‘Teenage Renegade’s’ arrangement builds gradually, with dreamy washes of synth and jaunty drumming underscoring Robinson’s majestic vocal performance. Once the full-tilt chorus hits, with Robinson waxing lyrical about her unshakeable younger self – “She was a blue hot summer in the middle of July/ She wanted everything she couldn’t have and nothing made her cry…” – the soaring vocal melodies call to mind reckless abandon, like poking your head out the sunroof to inhale the salty sea air during a carefree, spontaneous road trip down the coast.

Robinson can’t remember wanting to be anything other than a singer. ““I feel so much gratitude to my family for immersing me in music as a kid. My grandmother was an incredible singer and pianist, much of which she played by ear and feel.” Anna’s mother was also very musical, being classically trained in piano... “she was incredible at teaching friends from school how to play… but when it came to me, I seemed to have a hard time paying attention so instead, I picked it up the way my grandmother did,” she tells.



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