Locals Only - Reiki Ruawai 'All I Need'

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Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 3:34PM

Aotearoa's rising R&B/soul sensation, Reiki Ruawai, continues to ride the wave with his new summery single 'All I Need'.

Watch the 'All I Need' music video here!

All I Need’ was written at APRA New Zealand’s Songhubs curated by critically acclaimed NZ-born, London-based songwriter and producer Jordan Rakei, which Reiki was selected to take part in. The young Raglan native says he spent time “geeking out” at the fact that he was getting to work with Jordan - one of his favourite artists.

Reiki adds that ‘All I Need’ began life as a much poppier demo but in the studio they found themselves taking a slightly more experimental route.

He says: “We took ages trying to find some random noises and ended up finding a sample of a Putatara (conch shell) - that’s what ended up giving that tribal feel." 🐚

 To celebrate his latest release, Reiki is hosting two performance in Auckland on April 25th at the Wine Cellar and at The Yard in Raglan on Friday 26th of April.




Thursday April 25th - Wine Cellar, Auckland - TICKETS

Friday April 26th - Raglan - TICKETS


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