Locals Only - Balu Brigada 'Designer'

Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 3:40PM

The Balu Brigada boys have done it again, releasing another groovy single. Get ready to bop to 'Designer'

Henry and Pierre Beasley are showcasing their signature blend of catchy hooks, slick production, and introspective lyrics with their latest tune, following their most recent single, 'Oh! Not Again'


Run it up wherever you listen to music 🕶️🕶️

♬ original sound - Balu Brigada

the Brooklyn-based duo describe their sound as "…music that's bumpin' enough to dance to, as well as being emotionally poignant enough to cry to,"... mood.  

A truly homegrown talent, they started making music together young, when a 12-year-old Henry capitalised on his older brother status by appointing himself lead guitarist and forcing Pierre to learn bassofficially forming Balu Brigada when Pierre was old enough to almost pass as 18 and play in bars.

Check out Balu Brigada on soch med: Facebook | Instagram | TikTok 

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