Locals Only - Abby Christo 'Shouldn't Be Doing This'

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Tuesday, 10 October 2023, 6:23AM

Aotearoa Country music gem Abby Christo unveils heart-felt new single, 'Shouldn't Be Doing This' 

Heartfelt, hook-laden and wrapped in rhythem guitars, 'Shouldn't Be Doing This' truly is country music at its finest. 

Abby's sweet and emotive vocals bring the song's story to life as she delvs into universal themes of whether to trust your head or your heart. 

"This song is about falling for a cowboy who you know could break your heart," says Abby. But this particular cowboy is treating you right and seems to be an exception to the rile of all cowboy's being bad-boys. 

 We're spoilt for bops here in Aotearoa, check out more of our local talent!

Watch the accompanying video Abby filmed from sunrise to sunset in the middle of winter - to catch the perfect moment of sun for visuals. 

"We drove 13hrs out of Sydney to a small (tiny) town called Silverton (AKA where Mad Max was filmed!) We were lucky enough to randomly stumble across wild horses as we were driving to the second location. The song references horses riding away, so we made the most of it, got the drone out, and got the most incredible shots of the horses."

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