Lepani - Pocket Full of Love

Publish Date
Friday, 31 May 2019, 1:25PM

The humble 23-year-old singer, songwriter, Lepani debuts his song 'Pocket Full of Love' this week on Locals Only.

‘Pocket Full of Love’ is an intimate RnB, pop ballad, about finding hope through a tired love.

Lepani says, “This song is about a girl that I tried to build a relationship with, but who stopped feeling the same as time passed. It's a reminiscent song, looking back on this journey and how things turned out the way they did between us".

Originally from Rotorua, Lepani claims his musical family is the reason he got into music. Though it wasn't until he was 14 when his music teacher discovered that he could sing, a talent, Lepani had been hiding before then.

This encouraged him to sing and write music, which got him to where he is today.

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Check out his song 'Pocket Full of Love' here:

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