Jon Lemmon - Good Reasons

Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 2:38PM

One of New Zealand’s electronic dance-pop favourites, Jon Lemmon backs up his first irresistibly positive singles with new song 'Good Reasons'.

Lemmon explains the song as being from the perspective of someone at rock bottom; 

“It was initially written about that moment when you hit rock bottom, then realizing you’ve gotta make some changes. And what follows is a sense of possibility that comes when you finally make yourself vulnerable to the world and the people around you

“I think that’s such powerful opportunity for transformation, and one we’re facing collectively as a human
species right now.”

Just like us, Jon can't avoid flattie chores, writing the hook whole cleaning the bathroom!

“I’d been putting the job off for far too long because I didn’t have time (and because I’d rather make music!) …I guess I should probably clean my bathroom more often!”

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