ASKE feat. Ed Waaka - Found

Publish Date
Wednesday, 28 October 2015, 9:21AM

Auckland-based producer Lukas Kelly aka ASKE has debuted his long awaited single ‘FOUND’ - featuring the talented Ed Waaka on vocals.

As the single’s artwork suggests, this song comes straight from the heart. It tells a story about finding love in fleeting moments and like holding up a mirror to a relationship, it’s a sonic journey of heady highs and deep emotional lows.

The lyrics are inspired by the challenges we face in this digital world, when we desperately want to connect with the world around us.

This release will be followed in November with a second single, then in early 2016 we can expect ASKE’s Debut EP ‘Unspent Moments’.

ASKE is also working towards a live show which promises to be a stunning visual experience and feature  additional bandmembers as the project evolves.

Buy it on iTunes HERE

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