Aacacia - Bend

Publish Date
Friday, 11 September 2020, 8:07AM

Aacacia debuts on Locals Only this week with her song, ‘Bend’.

'Bend' is the debut single from Taupo raised and Auckland based AACACIA. A unique formulation of melody driven pop R&B, ‘Bend’ announces the arrival of another young NZ talent with the potential to take on the world.

Driven by deep rich vocals, minimally lush production and a fresh take on a pop arrangement, the single exudes a continually escalating sense of momentum, without ever feeling rushed. 

“I had an awesome summer playing shows with Drax and got on really well with their whole team, so then getting invited to record at their studio in LA was a dream come true! I had two weeks of living that dream, then COVID hit and it was time to come straight home”. 

AACACIA says on the project:  “I guess we’re all a product of our past, and this song touches on just that where; deep down, I think all young people fantasise about drowning out negative experiences with exciting and adventurous ones by using the nightlife as an outlet.” 


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