Tom Sainsbury's Small Town Scandal Podcast Season 2

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 December 2023, 2:23PM

Tom Sainsbury’s Small Town Scandal Podcast - Season 2!

After a successful first podcast season – exposing his Uncle Mitch’s killer – Toby Buchanan was settling into a quiet life writing ads for the local car dealer when it was rudely interrupted by another mystery.

He received a severed toe in the mail, and some mysterious communication about something horrific happening in the Wairarapa beach town of Ruatuna on New Year's Eve.

Unable to resist the pull of another mystery, Toby heads to Ruatuna to see if he can use his investigative skills to solve the mystery and finds a town full of small-town characters who are all as suspicious as each other.

The perfect road trip binge, summer never sounded so mysterious.

Tom Sainsbury’s Small Town Scandal Podcast is an 8-part mockumentary true-crime podcast parodying podcasts like Serial, Teachers Pet and Drop Out. All voiced by one actor - Tom Sainsbury.

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