ZM's 5 on Time has been won!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 10 April 2024, 9:32AM


JAYNE HAS SCORED HERSELF $50,000 for saying 'TIME' at exactly 5 seconds. 


She did it an unorthodox way, counting her kid's names, it happened to be 5.00 seconds exactly.

How did her two kids, 6 and 9, feel about the win? “My youngest one didn’t believe me, she just turned around and had her breakfast.” Asked if her older child was angling for anything from the winnings, Jayne suggested a boat to go fishing.

It’s “absolutely” a life-changing amount of money, she says, and has come at a good time.

Jayne says they’re thinking about putting some of the windfall towards a wedding. She and her partner have been together 18 years. “We probably should get married,” she says. “I reckon we’d elope.”

Winning a prize like that live on air means it’s hard to keep the news under the radar. And Ōhaupō is “such a small town” she says it’s not really possible. “I think the kids would have gone to school and told everyone anyway.”

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