Win with Wendy’s ‘Nice Burn’ Instagram Filter!

Publish Date
Monday, 9 November 2020, 9:50AM

At ZM we LOVE using a fun and quirky filter and sharing it to our gram’…

So we’ve teamed up with our mates at Wendy’s to create the new ‘Nice Burn’ Instagram filter in partnership with their epic new Jalapeño Crunch Range. 

Want to know the best part? We’re giving everyone who uses and shares it on their Instagram stories the chance to win $1,000 every week for six weeks. It’s as easy as using the filter and making sure you tag in @zmonline. 

Let Wendy’s Instagram filter give you a nice burn. Text BURN to 9696 to get the link to our filter or find it here.  

Wendy's - it's a nice burn! Get instore and try it today. 


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