Win A Boss Coffee Workplace Shout

Publish Date
Friday, 8 November 2019, 11:41AM

To celebrate the launch of Suntory BOSS Coffee in New Zealand, we’ve got your chance to become the Boss’ favourite and win a whole lot for your workplace!

Have you been late to work a bit too much lately or just need an excuse to become the office favourite?

Let us know why you need to be the Boss’ favourite below and the ZM Black Thunders could be turning up to your workplace with a whole lot of iced cold cans of Suntory BOSS Coffee.

Suntory BOSS Coffee is made using a ‘flash brew’ process where the coffee is brewed hot and then rapidly chilled to lock in flavour. It’s the number one ‘canned’ coffee brand in Japan and it’s landed in New Zealand! Are you an Iced Long Black Coffee drinker or would you prefer an Iced Latte? Available in stores now.

New Suntory BOSS coffee in a can from Japan. It’s how Japan can.