Dunedin: ZM Summer Cocktail Series

Publish Date
Monday, 11 January 2021, 10:42AM

Summer...  Shake it up...  Mix it up...  

With the ZM Summer Cocktail Series at Room 118 Lounge Bar!

Enjoy a Friday night after work experience with colleagues, friends or family at Room 118 Lounge Bar on us.  

Everything you need to enjoy a premium night out at an exclusive Dunedin Hot Spot. 

Room 118 Lounge Bar - 118 High Street in The Exchange.


Head to the ZM Dunedin Instagram page and tell us who you would like to have a lush Friday night catch up with for the chance to win!  

The Summer Cocktail Series - With Room 118 Lounge Bar and ZM 

R20 – Terms and Conditions Apply.