The $1.50 Kmart hack that could solve one annoying problem we have

Publish Date
Monday, 12 November 2018, 10:52AM

You can always trust Kmart to provide the best and the most affordable options to fix any problem, and it's happened again...

On Facebook, Simone Moszkowicz has shared this game-changing hack and we're adding it to the list of excuses we use to make another trip to the white aisles of shopping heaven

"My best Kmart hack EVER! This $1.50 placemat protects my plant (and dirt) from my puppy (without having to remove it for watering!)," she wrote.

Essentially, to puppy-proof, cat-proof, or even just human-proof plants, this clever shopper has cut a split to the centre of a placemat, removing a small section to fit it snugly around the base of the plant. 

And they're only $1.50? We'll take six, please!