Make-up bloggers swear condoms are the answer to good foundation

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Thursday, 9 February 2017, 3:55PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

You may have an array of brushes and sticks, but who would've thought that the next make up application tool that you'd be adding to your collection would be a condom?!

Yes that's right, a plain old condom.

This technique (hopefully) didn't arise from someone randomly putting their foundation on a condom and rubbing it all over their face, but instead they're meant to imitate those silicon make up sponges.

The vlogger that made the fad popular, Laila Tahri says that it is quite important that you rinse any lube off the condom before you start. This is a major. Don't skip this step. 

After it's completely rinsed and dried, you simply put your regular make up blender inside the condom and begin to apply.

The soft latex outer layer of the condom is the perfect texture for even application and will leave you with amazing results.

The outcome does in fat, look amazing, but also involves rubbing a condom all over your face.

We'll leave weighing the pros and cons up for you to do.