M.A.C's 'pizza cutter' eyeliner is here to save your crooked wings

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 12:28PM

Everyone who's ever attempted to put on winged eyeliner will know the struggle of crooked wings; hell, even professionals admit that they still get it wrong. 

Anyway, the problem is that no one (yet) has cracked the code to the perfect cat eye (without the sticky tape).

Come August 14th, we could be trying what is affectionately known as the "Pizza Cutter" liner from M.A.C.

The eyeliner is supposedly perfect for straight lines and make out of a felt like sponge, so don't worry, it will not slice your eyelids open.

Introducing the @maccosmetics Roller Wheel liner, or as the internet calls it "the pizza cutter liner"

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Only time and testing will tell if the eyeliner is as good as it looks, and if so, stock up and say hello to perfect wings!