Kmart apologises for hilarious f**k up made on product description

Publish Date
Monday, 13 November 2017, 11:12AM

The person at Kmart had one job and they really managed to make a hash of it.

Somehow a description on the Kmart website for a child's item had some very R18 content.

The description for the Shopkins World Vacation DVD had parents in outrage, as the product details said, “Shopkins travels to an assortment of international places and they discover a lot of sex and drugs on their way.”

We're sorry but we can't help but LOL!

In a statement, Kmart Australia has apologised for "the incorrect Shopkins World Vacation DVD product description".

"Once we were made aware of the description error, immediate action was taken place to ensure the product was removed online.”

Hahaha well at least that brightened our Monday up!