Amanda Bynes is "Taking a Pause" on Her Podcast After One Episode

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Tuesday, 19 December 2023, 3:45PM

We all grew up with 'She's The Man' and 'What A Girl Wants' and it's safe to say we all idolised Amanda Bynes... but what is she up to now? 🤔

After getting out of her 10-year-long conservatorship in 2022 the actress recently launched 'Amanda Bynes + Paul Sieminski: The Podcast' but it won't be returning to the airwaves until she can secure the big name guests she wanted to speak to for the series.

In an update video shared to her Instagram Story, Amanda said: "So even though the podcast is doing really well and the response has been great, I’m going to take a pause on it for now.
We are not able to get the type of guests that I’d like on the show like say Jack Harlow, Drake or Post Malone. 

“So maybe one day, if we’re able to get those types of guests on the show, we will resume the podcast. But for now, I’m taking a pause on it.”

But the 'She's the Man' star thanked her fans for supporting the project. She added: “Thank you everyone who watched, I really hope you enjoyed it. And that is all for now!" ☺️

Hours before announcing her project was going on hiatus, Amanda had told TMZ she wouldn't be talking about her acting career or troubled personal life, including being in mental health treatment facilities, on the podcast. 🎙

Amanda and her co-presenter Paul interviewed tattoo artist Dahlia Moth for their first episode, which was released on 9 December, and had planned for the series to focus on “the hosts' loves: fashion, artists, actors, actresses, music and everything else.” 🎶

When she announced the podcast last month, Amanda explained she felt having biochemist Paul as her co-host would be "super impressive".

She said in a video shared to Instagram: "Having his beautiful mind being a part of this podcast is just going to bring it to another level I think, because he’s going to ask great questions, and I think he’ll kind of carry most of the weight in terms of just, like, topics of conversation.” 

Stay safe Amanda! 💜

First published by BangShowbiz and republished here with permission. 



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