Why Cole Sprouse doesn't want his brother Dylan watching Riverdale

Publish Date
Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 9:53AM

They were our favourite twins in Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody but since then, twin brothers Cole and Dylan Sprouse have gone their separate ways - professionally speaking, anyway.

Cole now plays Jughead Jones on Riverdale, The CW's gritty TV show based on the Archie comics. Dylan, meanwhile, is busy setting up a meadery in Brooklyn.

"He supports the show," Cole recently told Elle about his brother. "I don't know if he enjoys it. This kind of programming has never really been our flavor of choice. I don't really want him to watch anything I do and I don't really watch anything he'll do."

It's kinda a shame because we love seeing the boys roast each other on Twitter and we know Dylan would have heaps to say about Cole in the show! 

"We have a very easy time separating work and play and I wouldn't really care less if he watched or if he enjoyed [Riverdale]," Cole continued. "I don't really have an easy time watching myself, so I guess I sort of imprint that upon my friends and family."