What is Going on With Frankie Jonas' Instagram Account?

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Monday, 22 August 2016, 9:34AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Some weird moves from the youngest Jonas brother, Frankie, have fans wondering if he's okay. 

He has deleted all his Instagram photos and started uploading white, blank placeholders instead. The 15-year-old "Bonus Jonas" does a couple of "normal" pics but that's it. The rest are blank, as seen from this zoomed out screenshot of his entire Instagram page.

Naturally, fans are totally confused about the whole thing. There are a few ~theories~ floating around, such as he's trying out a new theme or he just broke up with his girlfriend.

His captions are also, uh, different. The first pic, uploaded August 12, had the caption: "there's a physical past and there's a physical future but now is only now." The next one had "i am nothing without my past and i'm nothing without my future but for now i am only now," while more recent ones say things like "the shadow from across the room" and "it fades and it fumbles".

Frankie, stahp because we don't know what is happening.

The youngest Jonas brother also deleted all his previous tweets and is apparently starting over.