Watch Adele help a same-sex couple get engaged on stage in Aus

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Monday, 20 March 2017, 1:23PM

This is too cute!! 

Adele helped a couple get engaged ON STAGE at her Melbourne show. 

As a present for those going to her shows, Adele usually places signed letters on some of the seats in the arena.

However, she created the moment of a lifetime for two fans when it went a little differently to usual.

She didn't get around to writing the letters as she fell asleep in the afternoon - instead she decided to bring an audience member up on stage.

Chris, 37, was selected after the singer saw the man burst into tears when she walked past him during her opening song Hello.

And Adele was completely taken by surprise when Wade - Chris' partner - got down on one knee and proposed!

"That wasn't planned, I had no idea," Adele said.

Social media lost it over the event and we're feeling the feels just as much!

On stage marriage proposal between Chris & Wade! #adele #equalityforall #equality

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