Two of the MAFS grooms are selling their wedding rings on Trade Me

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Monday, 13 November 2017, 9:42AM
Photo: Three/Married At First Sight NZ

Photo: Three/Married At First Sight NZ

When your marriage doesn't work out, what do you do?

List your wedding ring on Trade Me, of course! 

Though before you attack the morals of Married at First Sight New Zealand's Haydn Daniels and Luke Cederman, we'll point out the two are doing it for a very good cause. 

The Angela Daniel rings, valued at $1400 each, are now listed on Trade Me, with all proceeds going to KidsCan.

The winners of the auctions will also receive a lunch with the two reality TV stars. 

Daniels told the Herald on Sunday that they were pleased kids would benefit from something they no longer wanted.

"We were like 'we've got these rings we haven't worn much, what are you going to do?'," Daniels said.

"We didn't really want them. One, I don't wear rings. Two, it's kind of symbolic of a shambles."

The charity supports children at 700 decile one to four schools around the country, with thirty-thousand children being supported by their food programmes.

A total of 135,000 raincoats, pairs of shoes, socks and feminine hygiene products are distributed each year.


Haydn told the Herald on Sunday that he didn't give Bel a heads up about selling the ring.

"She's the only one [from the show] I don't talk to."