There might just be a McLeod’s Daughters reboot!

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Friday, 7 July 2017, 8:45AM
Photo: Facebook/McLeod's Daughters

Photo: Facebook/McLeod's Daughters

It may have been an Aussie show, buit McLeod's Daughters was a show that many a Kiwi women could resonate with. 

The drama on the farm was a hit series from 2001 to 2008, and fans of the show may just be in for a treat.

Two of the show’s stars have just hinted that there is something huge on the horizon!

Stars of the series Michala Banas (Kate Manfred) and Simmone Mackinnon (Stevie Hall) took to Instagram to post a throwback McLeod’s Daughters pic, along with the caption for us to “watch this space.”

Watch this space...

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A Channel Nine spokesman confirmed the network was in early talks to see how the show could be revived. However, he stressed nothing had been set in stone.

Something is brewing on the farm....