The two My Kitchen Rules contestants that have secretly been hooking up

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017, 9:57AM
Photos: TVNZ/My Kitchen Rules NZ

Photos: TVNZ/My Kitchen Rules NZ

My Kitchen Rules contestant Charlotte Brown has confirmed reports she has struck up a romance with fellow contestant Jaryd Gray.

Charlotte and Jaryd are officially an item! Photos / Supplied, Norrie Montgomery
Photos/Supplied, Norrie Montgomery

The reports surfaced after Brown and her cooking partner Maddie Hunt were the first to be eliminated from the show on Monday night.

In a media interview, Brown revealed: "He makes me happy".

When pressed: "Have you hooked up?" Brown answered, "yes".

He asked: "In real life?" And she answered, "Yes, in real life, unscripted, off camera."

"You said he makes you happy, that means still current tense, that means still right now, summer romance, maybe going for Christmas at each other's houses?"

"Correct," Brown confirmed, before adding a sly "stay tuned".

Brown was the youngest contestants on My Kitchen Rules New Zealand at 19. Her new beau, Auckland finance broker Jaryd Gray remains in the competition.

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