The super cute reason Matty McLean started crying on live TV

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 9:44AM

Yesterday Matty McLean started his week with a good ol' cry, which is fair enough cause we all feel like we could do with a cry on a Monday morning. 

The Breakfast host couldn't fight back his tears and said he was "devastated" when he broke down over Lion King on national TV. 

While discussing a story about how crying can be a great stress reliever, Matty revealed what made him cry recently saying the death of Mufasa in the animated film was "one of the saddest moments in cinematography".

"You don't cry when Mufasa dies? Are you dead inside?" he said.

But things really got out of control when Dan Faitaua drove the sad moment home talking about Simba's guilt and parent-less upbringing.

Check out the funny - and surprisingly emotional - clip below.