The heartwarming way Heartbreak Island winner Harry is spending his money

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018, 1:43PM
Photo: TVNZ

Photo: TVNZ

Cheeky larrikin Harry Jowsey has hit the streets of Auckland this week in a bid to do some good with his Heartbreak Island winnings.

Taking to social media he films himself and fellow Heartbreak Island contestant, Kristian, as they give out warm clothing to homeless people.

“This afternoon Kristian and I have been walking around giving out socks and blankets to the homeless around Auckland because what better way to spend that $100,000 than to give back (to people who need it.)”

Jowsey has since used his new-found fame to kick-start his Youtube vlogging career and his personal training and nutrition aspirations.

Good on you Harry! Wonder what Georgia is doing with her share of the winnings…

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