The heart-breaking story that lead to Ed Sheeran saving the lives of six young boys

Publish Date
Sunday, 26 March 2017, 9:29AM

This is truly a heartbreaking story and one that moved not only Ed Sheeran but also audiences who witnessed it. We do warn you, this may bring on the waterworks.

Ed pretty much brought the audience to tears after emotional scenes show him saving the lives of 6 young streets boys in Liberia. He was introduced to JD and his friends while filming Liberia, where they revealed to him that they were living in the slums, living on nothing but a glass of water and one slice of bread and being physically and sexually abused.

Ed was so heartbroken by the story of JD that refused to leave until he had sorted those boys out, "Really does not feel right leaving at all, the only thing you can do is help them, which we should". This was the moment that Ed probably came up with his grand plan to save the boys, "Can I pay for them to stay in a house until we can get them into a school?...It doesn't matter how much it is". Which is what Ed managed to do and these boys are better off from his generosity.

Good from you Ed!