The break up between Tayla and Grant has gone to next-level DRAMA

Publish Date
Friday, 20 July 2018, 1:31PM

Three weeks ago Tayla and Grant were declared the winning couple of Love Island Australia.

But yesterday Tayla took to Instagram to announce the couples split. 

 She also told the media that it was her choice to end the relationship. 

BUT the break up has since taken a massive twist (kinda like all the twists on the show) and Grant is now claiming that he had no idea they'd broken up! 

He commented on the Love Island's Instagram claiming that he had no idea about the break up.


This morning, both Tayla and Grant had their chance, seperately, to tell their side of the story on Sydney's Kyle and Jackie O show. 

And their stories were SO different!

Grant claimed that he’d had a bit of a tiff with Tayla and she suggested that things might not work out between them, but he didn’t think this was actually them breaking up. Therefore this is why he claimed to have found out about the split on social media.

Grant also explained that he’s utterly heartbroken and will try and win Tayla back.

“It’s broken my heart, it’s a bit unexpected but what do you do,” said Grant. “I will try my best to win her back. You can only try so hard but I love the girl deeply.”

Then it was Tayla's turn to tell her story...

Tayla claimed that Grant is just a compulsive liar and she’s the one that’s actually heartbroken in this situation. She said that he’s made no effort to try and repair things with her and has even gone as far as to ignore her messages and block her on Instagram!

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“I’d say I’m the heartbroken one considering it’s me that’s been through the ringer,” said Tayla. “I’ve given him the 10 days that we’ve been back to try and repair it and it hasn’t been repaired, I don’t know what else I can do…He’s ignoring my messages.”

We're so confused, but Grant's already proven to be a liar in the past, so we're inclined to believe Tayla in this sit...