The band who kicked Lorde out of her New York studio

Publish Date
Thursday, 13 April 2017, 9:19AM

Lorde says stadium rockers U2 forced her to find a new studio to record new music in.

The Kiwi pop star has given her first big interview around the creation of her second album Melodrama to the New York Times.

In it, she says she had been recording in a Greenwich Village studio every day until Bono, The Edge and the rest of U2 showed up and took it over.

And she thought about confronting them about it.

"I actually saw the Edge in the gym here," she told the publication.

"I thought about saying something, but I decided, 'Nahhh'."

U2 had booked the studio, but it forced Lorde to find a smaller studio to finish the album, the NYT reported.

Lorde is building up to the release of Melodrama, which contains her recent singles Green Light and Liability.

In the interview, she also says she played Green Light to pop guru Max Martin, who called it "incorrect music".

"He had a very specific opinion, which had to do with the melodic math - shortening a part," she said.

"This wasn't an insult. Just a statement of fact ... It's a strange piece of music."


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