The actual reason that Kylie Jenner got lip fillers is kinda sad

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 11:02AM
Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner is famous for her lips. 

The reality TV star seemed to almost start a big lip trend in 2015 when there became a lot of buzz around her pout. 

The attention her lips got her eventuated in Kylie creating her own line of lip kits which sold like hot cakes.

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However, Kylie's lips aren't naturally as plump as they appear and in May 2015 Kylie admitted in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to getting her lips injected with fillers. 

At the time she talked about her insecurity over her previously thin lips, but has now revealed what set off those insecurities. 

Speaking to a therapist in a scene from the latest episode of her show 'Life of Kylie', she said: "I was 15 and I was insecure about my lips. I have really small lips. And it was like one of my first kisses and a guy was like, 'I didn't think you would be a good kisser because you have such small lips.'

"But I took that really hard. Just when a guy you like says that, I don't know, it just really affected me. I just didn't feel desirable or pretty.

"I really wanted bigger lips. I would overline my lips with lip liner just to create the illusion of bigger lips. And then finally I was like this lip liner isn't doing it. [I] ended up getting my lips done."