Tears, scandal and flirting: Huge shock on The Block this week

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Sunday, 5 August 2018, 12:52PM
Photo: MediaWorks

Photo: MediaWorks

There is a flying rubbish bin, some flirting with the site foreman and said foreman threatening to shut down the entire site this week on The Block NZ, in what we are told is the most dramatic week in the series’ history.

After gliding through the first few weeks with multiple room-reveal wins, Gisborne couple Amy Moore and Stu Watts’ room reveal tonight breaks rules that jeopardise the entire competition.

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“It puts Amy and Stu in a very uncomfortable situation," says site Foreman Peter Wolfkamp, explaining the serious breach of building regulations.

A set insider tells Spy that “things get very tense this week. The teams are in shock at the cheating scandal and it causes such tension between Amy and Stu and the other teams that it ends up with tears from three different team members”.

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To add to the drama, Moore and Watts make enemies of a second team, after earlier falling out with Hamilton couple Claire Rapira and Agni Bhorkar during the Dinner Wars stage.

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From what we understand, Palmerston North besties Chlo Hes and Em Blanchett ask Moore for some design advice. Something goes wrong and a rubbish bin is thrown down the stairs.

Perhaps sensing Wolfkamp needs some cheering up, Blanchett and Hes decide to flirt up a storm with the handsome site foreman. This infuriates Moore and Watts — and Ben Speedy, one of the Auckland best mates, gets his injured nose out of joint.

This article was first published at spy.co.nz and is republished here with permission.